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The Miracle of Epsom Salts

If you regularly use a dry brush to revitalize yourself and remove toxins, then you cannot bypass the use of Epsom salts in the bath. While the “salts” are called “salts,” they actually are not scientifically made of the same compound that is represented by table salt. However, they certainly are an amazing substance in and of themselves.

A Joint and Pain Reliever

If you have ever have a bad day at the office and have aches and pains galore, adding Epsom salts to the bathwater can instantly make you feel revitalized, if not more at ease. Epsom salts are an elixir that have been used for centuries in a variety of cultures. Not only do they relieve muscular and joint pain and soreness, they can be used for detoxification as well as cleaning around the house.

Reverse Osmosis

The salts are eponymously named after a saline spring that is found at Epsom in Surrey, England. The saline spring produces a pure mineral compound of sulfate and magnesium – one that enhances detoxification by absorption through the pores. When the salts reach the blood stream, a process known as reverse osmosis occurs. During the process, harmful toxins are removed – replaced by the healing properties of the aforementioned minerals.

How the Compound Works

Magnesium itself enhances the functioning of 325 bodily enzymes – helping to enhance nerve and muscle functioning, brain performance and overall joint strength. The mineral reduces the inflammation that can lead to arthritis and boosts the circulation, thereby increasing oxygenation as well. Sulfates complement this process as they are the building blocks of a healthy nerve tissues, skin, cartilage, and joints. Because Epsom salt replenishes the levels of sulfates and magnesium in the body, the body is flushed of toxins and safeguarded from free radicals and environmental contaminants.

Far-reaching Benefits to Health

Indeed, Epsom salts is a miracle product as you would not think that soaking in the mineral compound would have such far-reaching results for one’s health. In fact, the regular practice of dry brushing along with the use of Epsom salts is shown to improve the following health conditions:

      • Gout
      • Toenail fungus
      • Athlete’s foot
      • Muscle soreness
      • Chronic pain
      • Chronic disease

    Contraindications to Product Use

    The only time using Epsom salts in the bath is contraindicated is when you are pregnant, have burns or open wounds, or are dehydrated. If you suffer from cardiovascular disease, it is also a good idea to consult with your physician before using the product.

    How to Take an Epsom Salts Bath

    In order to use Epsom salts properly, you need to spend about 40 minutes in the bath. It takes about 20 minutes to remove bodily toxins and the second 20 minutes for the salts to absorb into the skin. In order to begin, fill up the tub with warm water. Make sure you have a filtration system installed as standard tap water may include heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine and dioxins, all considered toxic.

    How Much Salt to Add

    If you weigh between 100 and 150 pounds, like most women, ads 1 ½ cup of salts to your bath. Add ½ cup for every 50 pounds over 200 pounds. Women weighing 150 to 200 pounds should add about 2 cups of the salts to the bath. If you are under 100 pounds, one cup of the salts should suffice.

    Never Use Soap When Bathing in Epsom Salts

    To soften the skin, add ½ cup of olive oil to the bath. Adding cayenne or ginger can assist you in sweating out toxins. Add from 1 Tablespoon to ½ cup of either herb to stimulate detoxification and sweating. Never use soap in an Epsom salt bath as it impedes the progress of the detoxification process.

    After the Bath

    Rest for about an hour afterwards following the bath unless you are arthritic. In that case, you want to try to stay active as congestion can result if you slow down right after bathing in the substance.

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