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  • Fill any room in your home with the essence of luxury with our CLEAN BURNING 100% SOY WAX candles

  • Our aromatherapy candle will to help create the perfect environment in which you can RELAX at the end of the day.
  • Run a hot bath, light this 8 oz. LARGE CANDLE, and drift into your own STATE OF BLISS.
  • The gentle scent of decadent  LAVENDER mixed with fresh EUCALYPTUS creates a luxurious, sensuous atmosphere.
  • Our beautiful deep purple glass + premium packaging make this a PERFECT GIFT FOR WOMEN any time!


          Love the fragrance of a luxury hotel room or spa? The kind that makes you relax so much you fall peacefully asleep while they massage the tension out of your every pore? This elegant aroma of fresh lavender and eucalyptus all mixed into one amazing blend may help erase the day's pressures and make you feel like haven't got a care in the world.

          Create a serene spa-like experience with our "Nightfall" luxury candle featuring a subtle blend of decadent lavender and fresh eucalyptus. One whiff of these lovely scented candles for home will have you hooked and yearning to get back quickly to savor the addictive fragrance. It is not too strong, but still makes a noticeable difference. The two scents compliment each other in ways the world would never have thought possible!

          Our candles are not mixed with paraffin, so they burn cleanly and evenly. They will not irritate. They will infuse any room with their exceptional scent.

          These decorative candles come in beautiful amethyst colored (purple) glass jars and have premium packaging. They make a wonderful gift for Mother's Day, Valentines, Christmas, housewarming, birthdays, or any special occasion.

          Are You Ready for Some Guaranteed ‘Me Time?’ Find the Perfect Scent to Help You Relax and Wash Away the Stress of the Day
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