Facial Rollers

Are You In Love Yet with Face Rolling Like We Are? You Should Be!
Do you have puffy bags under your eyes? 
Maybe a serious deep-set wrinkle or two on your forehead?

While we can't promise to make them disappear completely, this ancient 100% real rose quartz crystal massage roller can help release toxins built up under your skin and reduce the appearance of these wrinkles and bags.

Enjoy A Cool, Facial Massage - Sure to Make You Smile!
These natural face tools are the same kind of rollers, stones, and skin care equipment used in day spas across the country for those expensive professional eye treatments all the celebrities rave about. Our roller set is made of authentic rose quartz and comes with a guasha (Gua Sha) scraper tool – the kind women have used for centuries as massage therapy for their face and neck and all sorts of beauty treatments. Chinese royalty used these tools to balance their chi (the body's energy life-force) and protect against negative energy. Now you can too!

Give Your Face the Lift It Deserves
If it isn't already, jade rolling will quickly become one of your most treasured morning rituals for self-care as it increases blood circulation, assists in lymphatic drainage, thus helping rid your skin of harmful toxins which can dull you skin. Simply apply your favorite oil, moisturizer, or serum and work your way upwards from your neck to your forehead.

See our e-book for more details on how to best utilize this amazing kit.

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