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woman exfoliating legs with dry brush

How Often Should You Dry Brush Your Skin?

Have you spent some time perusing our beauty and skincare blog in the past? Then chances are you have heard the phrase “dry brushing.” In case you didn’t know yet, dry brushing is another term for skin exfoliation. It involves using a densely bristled brush to remove dead skin cells.

Apart from its exfoliating benefits, dry brushing helps increase your blood circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage. If you'd like to jumpstart your lymphatic system, it’s time you get a natural bristle brush and start brushing.

What are the benefits of dry brushing?

Did you know that dry brushing is known to energize the body, boosts blood flow and circulation, and support drainage from the lymphatic system? It is also known to smooth the skin’s surface and remove dry patches and flakes. Good news...dry brushing can also help stop those awful ingrown hairs from forming by getting rid of dead skin cells, which can trap hair under the skin’s surface!

How to dry brush your skin?

  • Get a natural bristle brush like the one from Rengora with a long handle so you can reach every area of your body. We don’t recommend using ones with synthetic bristles.
  • Remove your garments and stand in the shower to catch any exfoliated dry skin.
  • Make sure you don’t wet your skin. Remember that dry brushing is brushing the skin while it’s dry.
  • Begin at the bottom of your feet, then work your way upwards along your legs and torso (always towards your heart) in long sweeping motions.
  • Brush every area often and overlap as you go to make sure you don’t miss any spot. Be extra careful over the more delicate regions such as your breasts. Don’t be too rough on such areas.
  • Bathe as normal once you have brushed your entire body.
  • Once you've finished showering, pat your skin dry and apply a natural oil to your whole body.

How often should you dry brush your skin?

Finally, this is the most important thing you want to know. Experts recommend doing it 3-5 times a week. Some people find they prefer and even enjoy doing it every day. As long as it does not cause any skin irritation, skin experts say this should be fine, too. Once per week can work for those of you with sensitive skin.

Should everyone try dry brushing?

Almost anyone can benefit from dry brushing. However, there will always be a few individuals who should think again before putting bristles to their skin.

Dry brushing may be too abrasive for people with hypersensitive skin. Of course, it goes without saying, if you're suffering from sores or open wounds, please do NOT dry brush your skin until everything has healed and your skin is no longer sensitive in those areas. If you are pregnant or nursing, please talk to your doctor to see if they have any concerns about risks or might offer an alternative to dry brushing.

Overall, dry skin brushing offers a lot of benefits when done correctly. Are you ready to start your dry brushing journey? Get your dry brush today! If you have any questions, hit us up. We will definitely help you out!

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