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Fabulous Mother’s Day Gifts You Know She’ll Love!

Fabulous Mother’s Day Gifts You Know She’ll Love!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, but you want to get your mom (or wife or grandmother) something special – not the usual flowers or last minute gift card purchase. So treat the mother in your life with a bit of thoughtful pampering, and gifts that she’ll use again and again!

For the New Mother

A mom’s first Mother’s Day is very exciting, but often she’s too busy or stressed to truly enjoy it! The first year of any newborn’s life requires plenty of attention and care, leaving mom (and dad!) exhausted, though in the best way possible.

This Mother’s Day, surprise the new mom in your life – whether that’s your wife, daughter, sister, or best friend – with some self-care treats: luxurious aromatherapy bath bombs! Unlike many bath bombs on the market, however, these do more than just fizzle out in your tub and leave behind some colored water. Made with essential oils, each bath bomb in the gift set has a unique scent that allows mom to choose what she’s in the mood for that evening: there’s orange to energize her at the start of a hectic day, lavender to help her relax at the end of a long one, and eucalyptus to promote calm and steadying breathing in those moments of extreme pressure and stress.

And even the most eco-friendly and green mom can get behind these fabulous bath bombs: they’re completely organic, vegan, and cruelty-free!

For the Tried and Tested Mother

Every Mother’s Day is special, but for the mom who’s been around the block a few times, she’s likely a bit tired of breakfast-in-bed and last minute gifts. Instead, treat this mother in your life – who likely hasn’t had a good night’s sleep or relaxing bath in a long while – to a bit of pampering.

After going through pregnancy and giving birth, a mom’s body is more beautiful than ever – but it has also been through quite a lot, and is in need of some love and attention. Help that awesome mom in your life fall in love with her body again by giving her the gift of a dry brushing body brush that will transform her skin and help her relax.

After a long day, her skin can be dull, tired, and in need of some care. Dry brushing helps to get rid of dead skin cells, create smoother skin, increase circulation, and decrease the appearance of cellulite. And what mom doesn’t want all of that?! In addition, the simple action of dry brushing in a circular fashion is incredibly soothing and relaxing. So make sure to treat that important mom in your life like a queen with a dry brush from Rengora.

For Your Amazing Mother

Even though you may have flown the nest years ago, your mom is still an important part of your life – after all, she made you into the amazing individual you are today! So don’t forget to celebrate her incredible strength, love, and beauty with a spectacular gift that shows her how much you care.

Moms of all ages appreciate a bit of ‘me time’ to relax and unwind after a long day, especially after years of raising children! But getting all those hard-to-reach places can get increasingly difficult as moms age, turning that relaxing bath into a frustrating steam session. You can show your thoughtfulness, and encourage some much-needed pampering, by gifting your mom a luxury dry brush that will make bath time what it was always meant to be – a time to unwind and de-stress!

The ergonomic handle of this body brush also makes it perfect for reaching those overlooked areas of the body, while still being gentle to hold and use. In addition, the all-natural boar bristles are tough enough to thoroughly cleanse the body, but gentle enough for everyday use on sensitive skin. What more could mom ask for?!

From all of us at Rengora, we hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day with the important women in your life – and be sure to treasure them every day!

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