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Sensual Bath Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  • Set the Scene: Candles can create the perfect ambience, but don't over do it.

  • Lather Up: Enjoy bathing your sweetheart with a soothing body wash.

  • Explore Your Senses: Give your partner a sensual massage with aromatic oils to get you in the mood for romance!

Spending Valentine’s Day with your special someone is a great opportunity to show how much you love, care for, and appreciate him or her. One of the most romantic and personal ways you can spend Valentine’s Day together is in the bath – you’ll be able to relax in the warm water and truly unwind in one another’s company, surrounded by the sights and smells of pure romance and sheer bliss!


Set the Scene

Get yourself and your partner in the mood by setting the scene for romance. Candles create the perfect ambiance, but remember that less is more when using scented candles – a few interspersed here and there will do the trick (just make sure they are the same scent!) but having a multitude of scented candles can be overpowering to the senses, especially if you’re planning on using some aromatherapy oils or scented bubble bath. Instead, use unscented tea lights in some romantic colors – reds, pinks, and whites – and scatter them around the tub and on counter tops.

For some extra romance, add a few drops of essential oils that are known aphrodisiacs, such as jasmine, lavender, or sandalwood, to the bath water as you’re filling up the tub. The warm water will help unleash the oil’s natural scent and your skin will feel incredibly smooth and nourished when bath time is finally over! Another great romantic touch is to sprinkle fresh rose petals in the water or along the bathroom floor – both the sight and scent of the roses will awaken your partner’s romantic feelings!

Lather Up

One of the most romantic ways you can show your love for and dedication to your partner is to help them bathe. Letting him or her relax into your arms as you gently massage their scalp with shampoo or lather up their back and torso with a soothing body wash is a great way to demonstrate that you want to care for them physically and that you appreciate their body. Use a loofah back + body scrubber to both cleanse their body and to gently exfoliate their skin to make it smooth and touchably soft.

A tip for this part of your evening is that, when choosing shampoos and soaps for your sensual bath together, you should aim to find tear-free products that won’t cause irritation or discomfort if they get in your or your partner’s eyes. The only tears should be from happiness and love!

Explore Your Senses

The perfect ending to your romantic bath time is to give your partner a sensual massage using aromatic oils. The combination of the warm water, gentle massage motions, and the aphrodisiac scents from the oils will definitely get you both in the mood for romance! From a more practical standpoint, massaging your partner with oils after getting them lathered up with a loofah back + body scrubber will help the oils all the more potent: their skin will be soft, healthy, and incredibly nourished!

Follow some or all of these tips to enjoy a romantic, sensual evening with your special someone! While these ideas are perfect for Valentine’s Day, they can also be enjoyed on any other special occasion!

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