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Planning a Fabulous Staycation

  • Read a book at a coffee shop.

  • Visit a local museum or art gallery.

  • Attend an outdoor concert.

  • Try standup paddle boarding.

  • Plan a picnic in a park.

  • Visit the aquarium.

  • Check out some cool animals at your local zoo.

  • Enjoy playing a round of golf.

Because of the economy, many people in the past few years have resorted to staying at home when taking their vacation from work. I began to give this some deliberation, and thought I would incorporate this idea into my everyday life. Why not give myself a treat in the form of an at-home vacation?

On a staycation, you stay at home but make room for activities you would do if you were on vacation hundreds of miles from home. By following this approach, you can discover some sites and attractions that you may have bypassed, merely because they were so close to home.

You can begin your journey by looking at the restaurants located in your town that are suggested on the web to travelers visiting your area. If you live in a small town that does not offer many dining choices, look at eateries that are located in larger areas. You can also scout out unique local historical sites or investigate the trail systems in nearby state parks. However, first begin with what is closest to home. For example, you might find a nice place to ride a bike just a few miles from where you live.

You may also be close to a walking path that you did not know was nearby or fairly close to home. Seeing a movie in the afternoon—even by yourself—is also a nice escape and getaway. Do you like to read? Then you might find a scenic spot or outside café where you can rest and escape with a good book in the cool of the day. Think of all the things you would normally do on a vacation: reading, cooking, watching movies, napping, swimming, going to the theater. Make sure you put your to-do list away. This should be a vacation from your daily tasks and a chance to rest and recuperate without having to leave the comfort of home.

Below is a list of possible activities for you to try:

  • Go for a scenic drive
  • Take a long walk in a beautiful area
  • Window shop at a local antique store
  • Browse a local book store
  • Meet a friend for lunch
  • Get tickets to your local theater
  • Take a cooking class
  • Spend a day at a museum
  • Go to the zoo or aquarium
  • Take in a sporting event for your local professional team
  • Schedule a round of golf
  • Go paddle boarding or kayaking
  • Host your own Film Festival and invite friends to each bring a movie of their choice
  • Plan a picnic in your local park
  • Order dinner in from your favorite restaurant
  • Go to an outdoor concert
  • Consider unplugging or having an electronics-free day (or several

In addition to fun activities, why can’t we enjoy the same amenities at home as we do on vacation? That kind of sums up the “Staycation” philosophy. For example, you might think of complementing your bath with those thoughtful little soaps they provide on vacation. Include a spa brush and soft fluffy towels in the mix., maybe even an at home spa treatment or body scrub.

Drapes in hotels also are designed to block out daylight or any extraneous artificial lighting. You might try lining your current draperies in the same manner so you can enjoy some additional shut-eye or a more restful sleep. You can buy blackout liners from such retailers as Bed Bath and Beyond or Pottery Barn. Studies show that a darker room will increase the production of melatonin – a neurotransmitter that naturally induces sleep. The liners not only block out extraneous lighting, they also reduce noise and insulate your home against the cold and heat. Furnish your bed with additional comfortable pillows or think about placing a pillow mattress on your bed to add to your restfulness.

When I include “Staycation” pursuits in my daily schedule, life becomes more of an adventure. Sometimes we don’t need to travel a long distance from home to reap the benefits we experience while we are getting away from it all. Sometimes those opportunities have been close to us all along.

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