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New Year? New You!

  • Include more fruits and vegetables.

  • Exfoliate your skin.

  • Add dry brushing to your routine to reduce cellulite and improve circulation.

  • Test out that new outdoor gear and get moving!

Happy New Year!! This year will hopefully be a fun, wonderful, and momentous year for you – so why not get off to the best start possible? It’s so important to focus a bit of time and energy on yourself in order to get the most out of life: feeling good from the inside out can give us the confidence we need to go for that promotion, book an exciting trip, or ask that cute barista out on a date! Here are some great tips for how to look and feel your best so that 2016 can be your year to shine!

Practice Healthy Habits

It takes a minimum of 21 days to form a new habit, so make January your month of trying new health practices and sticking to them. At the end of the month, you may not even know how to go back to your unhealthy ways! Some important habits you may want to try out include eating more fruits and vegetables, cutting out dangerous trans fats, getting more sleep, and reducing your intake of caffeine. If attempting all of these habits at once seems a bit daunting, try out one or two in January and then add one or two more in February.

There are also some habits you may want to break as the new year begins, especially smoking. Smoking not only incredibly harmful to your lungs, throat, and other organs, but also causes lines around the mouth, discolors teeth, and can affect your taste buds. So use the new year as a great opportunity to break this habit and become a happier, healthier new you!

Reduce Cellulite

While you may be bundled up in a sweater and snow pants now, it’s only a few months until spring arrives, and it will be dress season again (minus those  opaque tights you have grown to love – that hide those multitude of sins you enjoyed over the holidays)! To help get your body, and especially your skin, in the best shape possible for the warmer months, use a dry brush to help reduce cellulite on your legs, tummy, and bum. While exfoliating brushes are great to use  in the shower, you can also use them on dry skin for that extra bit of exfoliation and to improve circulation, thereby reducing cellulite at the source! Be sure to do this a few times a week in order to see the best results, and keep using a dry brush even after your cellulite has disappeared to ensure that it doesn’t come back!

Move More

Another way to get 2016 off to a fantastic start is to simply move more. Whether it’s by taking the stairs at work, having a 20-minute walk during your lunch break, or enjoying new outdoor activities with your family on the weekend, moving more will help reinforce some of the great healthy habits you’re trying out, and help keep those extra pounds at bay! While it may be hard at first to venture out for some exercise in the chilly January weather, like any habit this is something that will become easier and more rewarding over time!

Get 2016 off to a great start by being the best you that you can be! Try one or all of these tips and you’ll be on your way to a healthy and happy new year!

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