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How to De-Stress During the Holidays

With loads of gifts to buy, friends and family to entertain, and various holiday parties and events to attend, this time of year can be incredibly stressful and hectic. Make sure to look out for yourself and dedicate a few hours a week to “me time” in order to promote relaxation and just to keep yourself sane!

Stay Organized

Organization is key when trying to reduce your stress levels and still accomplish everything you need to during the busy holiday season. While keeping your schedule and lists of tasks on your phone is a great way to have all of your appointments, deadlines, and parties at your fingertips, sometimes a visual calendar can be even more helpful. You’ll be able to see where certain obligations overlap and you can create a game plan for tackling more long-term or complex tasks. You can also color-code tasks according to work, family, and fun!

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Often we say ‘yes’ to obligations and responsibilities that we do not have the time or energy to carry out. At this time of year it’s tempting to keep saying ‘yes’ to please others, or to do things in the holiday spirit – but ultimately, spreading yourself too thin can be damaging to both yourself and others. Take the time to fulfill a few tasks well rather than several tasks poorly and you’ll feel better about yourself and your accomplishments!

It’s also important to look after yourself this holiday season, so remember that it’s alright to turn down a few parties or get-togethers in favor of take a couple of hours for much needed relaxation. Doing this will allow you to…

Take a Break

Just as you are busy scheduling all of your holiday parties and working towards those end-of-year deadlines at work, so too should you schedule some “me time” each week. Having a date and task scheduled for yourself will give you something to look forward to as the week’s tasks start to take their toll. If you find yourself truly pressed for time, just allow yourself an hour-long soak in the bath before heading to bed, or wake up a little bit earlier to get your endorphin-inducing run in. If you are the type of person to still put yourself last consider scheduling a lunch date with a friend in order to take a break – you’ll be more likely to allow yourself a break if someone else is counting on your presence!

Invest in Quality

When taking a break and treating yourself to some much-needed and well-deserved stress relief, be sure to invest in quality and truly allow yourself to sit back, relax, and enjoy your time for you! For instance, if you are treating yourself to a meal or cocktail with a friend, give yourself permission to splurge – indulging in a guilty pleasure or top quality meal will demonstrate to yourself that you’re worth it! When taking a bath in the evening, give your body a good scrub with a bath brush or add a few essential oils to the warm water – literally washing the day away while soaking in luxury will feel so good!

Hopefully these tips help you take time for yourself this holiday season. It’s so important to de-stress in order to truly embody the holiday spirit!

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