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Fun Mother’s Day Activities

Fun Mother’s Day Activities

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the important women in your life, whether they’re your mother, grandmother, aunts, partner, or friends. Deciding what to do on Mother’s Day, however, can be a bit of a challenge! Thankfully, we’ve got some great ideas that will sure to make for a fantastic Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

As a child, you may have treated your mom to breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day – but as an adult, you’re likely more capable of making a breakfast fit for grown-ups, with no burnt toast or boring grapefruit segments in sight! Consider inviting a few moms over (maybe your mom and aunts, your partner and her mom friends, etc.) for a delicious brunch so that you can all celebrate together.

And believe it or not, putting together a brunch couldn’t be easier! The perfect brunch should have something sweet, something savory, and a delicious cocktail to wash everything down – there’s no need to whip up a dozen different dishes! For the sweet element, consider doing a baked French toast. Baking, instead of griddling, the French toast will allow you to serve everyone at once, rather than to-order, and you can switch up the recipe to include whatever fruits or chocolate you like! For the savory element, a spring vegetable frittata is another low-maintenance choice, as you can include whatever vegetables you have on hand and even make it beforehand and just warm it up in the oven when guests are ready to eat. For your Mother’s Day cocktail, a sour apple and pear sparkling sangria is a fresh and tangy take on a classic – and every woman loves a bit of bubbly! As with the other brunch elements, this is something you can make in bulk (be sure to have a pitcher handy!) ensuring that everyone gets served at the same time.

Active Mother’s Day Fun

If you’re not at ease in the kitchen, or the mom in your life prefers more active pursuits, consider a few outdoor activities to take advantage of the bright and sunny spring weather. One option is to walk or drive to your local park for an outdoor exercise circuit that you can do together. You can keep things high intensity with strength, cardio, and conditioning exercises, or you can mix things up by adding a few yoga and Pilates moves to the circuit.

Another great outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy is a nature scavenger hunt. You can make a list of certain items that are particular to your local area, or just your backyard, and then work in teams or as individuals to find the specified items. You may also want to add silly things to the list, such as spotting someone rollerblading or doing a handstand – just make sure to use your camera phone to collect evidence! This is a perfect activity for getting every member of the family outside and spending time together, which is a great gift in itself!

Mother’s Day can be celebrated in so many ways – hopefully these ideas will give your mom a wonderful day she’ll remember forever!

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