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Cleaning Out Your Beauty Closet

Cleaning Out Your Beauty Closet

Do you ever find yourself hanging on to loads of beauty and bath products, and then not being able to find your favorite moisturizer or bubble bath? Are you unsure of how long you should keep your foundation or loofah? Well, we’re here to tell you! It’s a new year, so spend some time this weekend cleaning out your beauty closet!

Makeup: What to Toss and When to Toss It

So many of us are guilty of hanging on to tubes of foundation with a few drops left, or eye shadows that can surely see us through one more night out. But as 2016 gets into full swing, it’s time to toss the old makeup that’s cluttering up your bathroom or the top of your dresser! In addition to getting rid of the nearly bottles of nail polish and tubes of lipstick, certain types of makeup have a very strict shelf life which you should abide by.

Mascara is perhaps the most important kind of makeup to keep track of. As soon as you begin using it, the wand starts to collect bacteria – whether it’s from your own eyes, or simply the from its journey through the air as it goes from tube to eyelash. Replace your mascara every two to three months in order to best prevent eye irritation and sties. Likewise, powder shadows and both liquid and pencil eyeliners should be tossed after three months to prevent irritated or inflamed eyes.

Liquid foundation has a bit of a longer shelf life, lasting 6-12 months once opened. Its water base does encourage the growth of bacteria, but you can help stem this growth by keeping it out of moist environments and away from heat. Powder and stick foundations and concealers, on the other hand, can last for up to two years. Lipsticks and liners also have a bit of a longer shelf life, lasting up to a year, but should be replaced sooner if you’ve been sick.

Bath Accessories: How Long Should a Loofah Last?

While products such as shampoos and conditioners can last for 1-2 years once opened, other products don’t enjoy as long of a shelf life. A standard loofah, for instance, should only be used for around three weeks. This is one of the reasons it’s worth investing a luxurious product such as the Rengöra loofah back + body scrubber, which is incredibly durable and long-lasting, and will keep your skin looking younger and smoother for months, if not years, on end!

Some other bath products enjoy even longer shelf lives. Soap, for instance, can last up to three years – no matter if it is in bar or liquid form. Similarly, shaving creams and gels can last up to two years if they are store properly. While it’s tempting to store any and all of these bath products in the shower, water can get into bottles and break down your bath products more quickly, so consider storing them in a separate, dry place between your showers and baths.

Hopefully this helps you get 2016 off to a fresh and beautiful start! Considering marking your new products with ‘sell by’ dates to remind yourself of when to clean out your beauty closet again!

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