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The Benefits of Using a Natural Boar Bristle Brush

Women take more time on caring for their skin than men because their skin is more delicate. But youth-enhancing collagen also diminishes after time along with firmness and elasticity. When it comes to spa essentials then, it helps to know which products and items will benefit you the most in caring and nurturing the skin.

When we think of wrinkles, that idea alone can cause waves of stress. No woman likes the thought of looking “withered,” whether it affects the skin on her thighs or her brow area. That is why “Me Time” is important. Pampering yourself is not just about staving off the effects of aging, but is also about rejuvenation. After all, if you are not your best self, how can you adequately help others—your children, close friends or spouse—be their best self as well?

A Natural Boar Bristle Bath Brush – A Must-Have Bath Time Item
One of the handy tools every woman should possess in her arsenal of spa essentials is a bath brush made of pure boar bristle. According to skin care specialists, boar bristles are preferred above synthetics because water loading for the brush is much better, which results in better lathering and hydration for the skin. The brush also sloughs off old skin cells more readily than a brush made of synthetic materials.

As far as bath time goes it is better to steer away from brushes made of synthetic materials – brushes that are as inexpensive as they are ineffective. Unlike the boar bristle variety, synthetic brushes do not hold sufficient moisture or maintain lather consistency. Plus, the bristles are stiffer and generally not pleasurable to use, all of which takes away from an at-home spa experience.

A natural bristle brush helps hydrate and moisturize your skin. Because the brush distributes the oils in your skin and holds water better, your skin becomes softer and more vibrant. As a result, other spa lotions or creams can also be more easily absorbed by the skin. Keep this tool handy as its use can save you from needing extra creams or exfoliants.

Keep It Natural
An item as simple as a boar bristle brush can actually give a woman a whole new lease on life. Using a brush in the bath or shower removes old, dead skin cells and renews the skin from head to toe. Even brushes made of a natural and synthetic blend are not as good as 100% natural, as the synthetic bristles will not hold a sufficient amount of water. The only disadvantage to natural boar bristles are their tendency to eventually break down over time. However, this usually occurs when the brush user does not care for their bath brush properly. By allowing the brush to air dry between uses and not applying too much pressure when scrubbing, you will be able to keep your brush in good working order for a very long time.

A Healthier and More Youthful Glow
When purchasing a bath brush made of boar bristle, again, make sure it is 100% natural and that no synthetic materials, such as nylon, has been added to the bristles. This type of brush will not only helps remove dead skin, it aids in the distribution of skin oils as well. Body brushes, when made of natural bristles, also rev up the circulation and give the skin a healthier and more youthful glow.

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