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Follow Your Dreams for a More Beautiful You

Nothing ever comes into our experience, until we begin thinking about it.

Take Care of You – Inside and Out

Following your dreams not only encompasses how you take care of your physical beauty but how you develop you internal attributes too. Besides caring for your physical self, you also need to feed your soul. Find a love and passion and pursue it. When we act in our own best interest to fulfill our dreams, we are also more effective in our work and our relationships.

Cultivate Your Soul as Well as Your Outward Appearance

To make our dreams come true, it is important to concentrate on those activities that cultivate our souls as well as our outward appearance. Looking at life in the affirmative boosts our self-esteem and helps us to proceed each day even if we have challenges that others may view as roadblocks. Don’t let any self-doubt or a lack of knowledge keep you from your goals. Look at what you have at your disposal and use it. If you need to gain a skill or training in order to pursue a dream, then do what you must in order to achieve it.

The dreams in life that are actually realized, once started as goals that were placed on our to-do lists. Don’t let any challenges or burdens keep you from realizing certain objectives. Life is more than merely making a living, or simply living day to day. Cultivate this life, this ‘gift,’ into an experience – one that will make you more beautiful and wise as you continue to move forward in time.

Luxuriate in Thought

Nothing ever comes into our experience, until we begin thinking about it. Pampering ourselves gives us time to luxuriate in thought – to think about seeing our dreams become a part of our actual life experience. Activities that promote wellness then are just as important as those to-do items we include on our checklists at work or at home – maybe even more so. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we won’t be able to give those we love the optimum care and attention they deserve too.

One of the ways we can promote wellness in ourselves is by taking good care of our skin. A skincare dilemma that most women eventually face at some point in time is withered or rough-textured skin. While wrinkling of this type is frequently thought to be a part of the aging process, it actually has more to do with exposure to climactic changes and the sun. Rough skin often accompanies such skin conditions as bags, sags, dark shadows beneath the eyes or a dull skin tone.

Care for Your Skin

In order to stay focused on your life pursuits, make everyday a day where you also include caring for your skin and physical self. That means following some of the tips below:

  • Use a skincare lotion or cream that features an SPF of at least 15 (30 is better)
  • Try to stay away from soap as it tends to dry out the skin’s natural oils
  • Use a moisturizer every night
  • Soften up your bath water by adding two tablespoons of virgin olive oil (baby oil works, too)

Enjoy This Skin-Beautifying Tool

You also want to make sure you use a bath body brush that is made solely of boar bristles – not a combination of natural bristles and synthetic bristles but a genuine 100% boar bristle brush. This type of brush hydrates the skin, increases circulation and sloughs away the old dull skin cells that cause the skin to become rough over time.

When you do positive things for yourself, it creates a chain reaction – the type of response that leads to realizing your dreams – one of which is becoming a more beautiful you.

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