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Back to School Beauty

Back to School Beauty

It’s that time of year again – soon you’ll be packing your bags, registering for fall classes, and heading back to the dorms! But while cheap and cheerful is the name of the game when shopping for beauty products to keep you looking fabulous (even when you’ve just rolled out of bed for that 9am lecture), that doesn’t mean you have to skip on quality! There are some great inexpensive products out there, and we’ll help you find them!

Get Organized!

Living in a dormitory – or any shared housing – usually means limited space, in both your bedroom (you’ll likely be sharing with another student) and the bathroom. So it’s best to get tools or items that can serve multiple purposes, and to get organized with your storage options.

If you’re walking down to the hall bathroom to shower, it’s best to get a shower caddy for keeping your items neat and organized. While basket-style caddies are the most prevalent, these can be more hassle than they’re worth – items can flop around and spill over, making a mess. Try to opt for a mesh caddy with multiple pockets, like this one by Attmu. You’ll be able to store your hair products securely, and the mesh material ensures quick drying (plastic caddies often retain water in their corners, leading to mold). The price is also right, and the patterns are super cute, too!

For the bedroom, having a dedicated makeup organizer is a great way to keep your space clean – and avoid misplacing makeup, which can be expensive to replace! A clear organizer, such as this option by Ikee Design, is inexpensive and has multiple drawers, meaning you can dedicate purposed space for eye makeup, foundations, and blushers/bronzers. There’s even room to store your brushes and individual lipsticks!

Savvy Savings

With the cost of education rising, it’s likely you’ll be pinching pennies wherever you can while at college. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without! Just make some smart switches to save on your beauty costs. For instance, the “generic” products available from outlets such as Target, CVS, and Sephora, are often made using the same ingredients (and are sometimes even by the same manufacturers) as major brands. Buying the CVS brand moisturizer instead of Neutrogena, the Target apricot face scrub instead of the St. Ives, and the Sephora nail polish instead of OPI, can really save some money!

Treat Yourself

Every so often though, you should feel free to treat yourself. A great way to keep your entire body looking great, from head to toe, is the Bath Body Brush by Rengora. Perfect for using in the shower or for dry brushing your body a few times a week, the Bath Body Brush feels like you’re totally pampering yourself – but it’s actually a true bargain at under $20! That leaves some cash in your wallet for buying some essential oils, which are great for massaging into your skin after you dry brush. It’ll feel like a day at the spa – in between studying and exams!

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