Orca Killer Whale Christmas Ornament - Ocean Ornaments for Christmas Tree

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Looking for ornaments that will accentuate your home decor all year round? With Rengöra’s Sea Life Ornaments, you can make the Christmas season more fun for your kids and the...
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Looking for ornaments that will accentuate your home decor all year round? With Rengöra’s Sea Life Ornaments, you can make the Christmas season more fun for your kids and the entire family.

Fun Christmas Tree Ornaments
Liven up your holiday festivities with these life-like ornaments that are carefully hand-crafted to bring delight to your family and guests!

Whimsical Decor for the Yuletide Season
Make any part of your home lively and vibrant with our Christmas home decor. Spark joy and bring up the holiday spirit by using these unique pieces to embellish your wreaths, Christmas trees, and more!

Made from High-quality Materials
These ornaments are hand-made using premium ceramic materials. They’re heavier than regular ornaments for Christmas trees, so you’ll need to find sturdy branches or hangers to display them.

Every Ocean Enthusiast’s Dream Collection – COLLECT ALL 11 SEA ANIMALS: Green Sea Turtle, Red Seahorse, Sting Ray, and Blue Sea Turtle, Manta Ray, Octopus, Penguin, Dolphin (Mother + Child), Dolphin (Solo), Clownfish, and Orca

Giving Back to the Environment
We donate a portion of our profits directly to The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization that focuses on cleaning the world's oceans in a natural way. This is our inspiration in creating our adorable sea life decor.

Bring the sea to your home with Rengöra’s Orca ornament. Place your order today!
🔥 Turning Tragedy into Hope 🔥

The recent Maui wildfires have left their mark, but they have also ignited our commitment to stand by those affected. Rengöra is pleased to announce our commitment to donating funds to the Hawai'i Community Foundation's Maui Strong Fund. From August 23, 2023, until September 30th, a portion of each purchase from our exquisite ocean-inspired Christmas ornament collection will be donated to support Maui's recovery.

🌊 Elevate Your Home with Elegance and Purpose 🌊

At Rengöra, we believe in the power of unity – where artistry meets compassion. Witness the grace of the deep blue sea come to life in our meticulously hand-painted blue sea turtle ornament. Crafted with dedication and made from resilient resin, this stunning ornament captures the essence of the majestic Honu, a symbol of strength and serenity.

🌺 Embrace the Honu-Strong Spirit 🌺

Just as the ocean cleanses and rejuvenates the earth, our hand-painted ornaments possess the power to inspire tranquility within your living space. Let the Honu's enduring spirit remind you of its Hawaiian name – Honu – and its timeless strength that has gracefully endured for centuries.

🐚 Discover More from Rengöra 🐚

Explore our diverse range of ocean-inspired offerings that nurture your body and mind. Indulge in our bath, beauty, and home goods collection – from revitalizing body brushes and soothing soaps to enchanting bath bombs and invigorating face rollers. Each creation reflects the ocean's soothing embrace.

🌴 A Personal Connection to Maui 🌴

Our founder's cherished memories of Lahaina, Maui, have fueled our commitment to make a difference. Just as the town's art galleries, shops, and restaurants have woven a tapestry of beauty, Rengöra aims to weave hope into the fabric of Maui's recovery.

🎄 Make a Difference this Holiday Season 🎄

Enrich your home with the Honu-Strong Blue Sea Turtle Ornament and be a part of the Maui Strong movement. Together, we transform tragedy into triumph, one exquisite ornament at a time. Visit Rengöra today and embrace the spirit of giving that resonates through every wave and ornament.

beautiful Hawaiian lei of orchids shaped into a heart laying on the beach shore